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Christ Jesus, the Master Key to Success

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TITTLE OF PROGRAM: The Hour of Receiving

MINISTER: Sunny E. Oluyide

TEXT: Matt 6:33


TIME: 4 – 6 PM

VENUE: Directly Opposite NYSC State Secretariat Jalingo, Taraba State.

DATE 25th March 2018.

There are a lot of Christians that love money more than God. It is not their fault; it is because they do not have the knowledge of God they are serving that is why they don’t know how to get riches.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you. 

The righteousness that God instructed us to seek is nothing but the ability to put His word into practice. There is condition to be met attached to every blessing that God has prepared for us and that condition is nothing but obedience to the word of God. Obedient to the word of God is the master key that opens all doors that give access to your divine blessings (Matt 6:33).

Jesus Christ was born as a man, yet He never fail in His earthly ministry because He lived the life of righteousness (obedience) before His father. No wonder, everything was giving to Him by the father (God). If you can follow the footsteps of Jesus in living a righteous life, you will surely become successful (1st Jhn 2:29, 3:7).

Righteousness simply means living right, which is obedience to the word of God either in the presence of people or alone with God. And of course, you know that nobody can be obedient to the word of God without having the Holy Spirit help him otherwise he will fail along the way (Phil 2:12).

For you to become successful in life, you need to have the master key (the knowledge of God) in your head and in your heart and must be obedience to His entire commandment. The moment you obtained the key, every door of success will become answerable to you.

The key can work for everyone, irrespective of your gender, race, color, age, and tribe or where you came from. As far as you are ready to do all that God said and you stick to it, all that you need in life will come to you (Eze 36:37).

People always wish to be obedient to the word of God, but there is a man who is called; the prince of the power of the air (the devil) that makes them to be disobedient. You must reject that man out of your life by confessing Jesus to be your Lord and personal savior. It is then the Holy Spirit will come into your life and give you the ability to be obedient totally to the word of God in every circumstances of life (Eph 2:2, Rom 8:9).

Jesus Christ was totally obedient to the word of God in all the days of His life on Earth. That is why the Father (God) never depart from Him and decided to give Him the name that is above any other name, both in heaven and on Earth and made Him the heir of all that He created in heaven and on Earth (Jhn14:31).

Abraham through prompt obedience he entered into the everlasting covenant of riches with God. The entire nations of the Earth today are blessed through Abraham’s descendant. Are you part of Abraham’s descendant? If not, you can become one by giving your life to Christ and subject yourself to the dictate of the word of God. Being obedient to the word of God is for your own benefits if you disobey you are the one to face the consequences (Gen 22:18).

Anything that God demands from you, it is for your own benefit not for God. Have you ever imagine how successful you would have become if you were obedient to all the instructions of God for your life?

Success in life is not to be admired but to be worked out. The only way to work out your success as a child of God is by been obedient to the word of God at every point in time, following the footsteps of Jesus as your mentor.

Disobedient to the word of God is an act of the devil in order to steal kill and destroy your life while obedience to the word of God Is the act of the Holy Spirit that gives riches and eternal life.

Prosperity, healing, joy fulfillment in life etc. are all covenant of God to all His children. Although they can only become reality in your life when you fulfill the conditions (obedience to the word of God) that God has set before you in the Holy Bible.

Peter was obedient to the word of Jesus Christ when He commanded Him to cast the net. His obedience made him to experience the type of catch he had never experienced before in all his years as a fisherman. He also said Peter, follow me and I will make you a fisher of men. Peter obeyed and at the end Jesus handed over the ministry into His hands and end up becoming the leading Apostle and a fisher of men. Today, he is among the 12 that will judge the twelve tribes of Israel.

Remember the wedding that Jesus Christ attended in Cana, where He performed the first miracle in His earthly ministry? He miraculously turned water into wine. The people enjoyed the best wine in that wedding because they obey his instruction. What about the blind man that received his sight? His miracle was perfected as a result of obedience to the instruction of Jesus Christ as to go and wash His eyes in the river. The blessings and riches that obedience to the word of God will bring to your life, no connection, no human being or circular knowledge can give in life. Receive the grace to be obedience to the word of God in Jesus name. Amen!



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