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The Revelation Knowledge of the Manifestation of the Works of God

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Topic  The Revelation Knowledge of the Manifestation of the Works of God Text:  John 9:1-7;   

 Every challenge or trouble you see today, if you will see the way God sees it, in any situation God will want to manifest himself through but through human vessels.
2 Cor. 1:20  Whatever God wants to do today he must pass through us.  Man can delay the manifestation of God’s work.  When you perceive any idea from God, God did not show you to it for nothing sake  God and Jesus are workers, and we are created to be co-workers with God.  Every challenge you see today, God is showing you so that he can manifest his work on that challenge through you.  Any outpouring of the spirit of God upon any life that cannot be converted or translated into physical things that can bless people is a useless experience.  Moses never allowed that encounter to be wasted, he responded to what God was showing him, and after that encounter God began and that led to the liberation of a whole nation.  Jesus does not make or have manifesto like politicians, who will say a thing but never do it. But manifestation is doing what you say.  Whenever God calls his people together to endow them, it is not for endowment sake, but that the endowment will cause physical effect that will better the life of the people.  There are many Christians who are so conscious of heaven, in the earth they are of no use.  The reason God left you here on earth is to use your life to bless the life of his people.  Jesus immediately converted his experience with God to deliver the man who was born blind.  Spiritual experience does not benefit any life without being converted to benefit other people.  Jesus immediately converted that spiritual experience into physical and bless the man.  Our spiritual experience is not enough to bless the people until it is converted to the physical.  The most important word any man will ever learn throughout his life time is the word “Conversion”, i.e. converting spiritual experience into physical things through mental picture.
 Jesus after hearing from his father that the blindness of the man is for the manifestation of the work of God, quickly spat on the ground and made mud and put in on the man’s eyes, and asked him to go and wash in the pool of Siloam, and came back seeing.  The difference between Jesus and the religious leaders of his time is that they read the scripture but not with manifestation, but Jesus read the scriptures with manifestation in them.  A spiritual man sees God’s manifestation upon every challenge.  When your experience has not grown to the point of converting the word of God into physical reality, you are still a religious person.  You are still a religious person when the ability to convert spiritual things into physical things.

Acts 3:19  A child cannot be given a car to drive, because he cannot convert he is seeing into tangible reality.  And that is the level at which many Christians are operating.  Quoting or reading the scripture is not the basis for manifestation.
John 6:63  Jesus always gives us this understanding “the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.  Spirit that gives birth to physical (life).  A man who understands God’s dealings, while he prays, if God gives him a dream, he might work on it to convert it to reality.  When Joseph dreams of his sheaves, he began to prepare himself until the dream was fulfilled in Egypt.  God already showed him the grains through those sheaves in the dream.  interpretation of dreams only took him to where he will bring forth the experience that God has given him in the realm of the spirit.  When God shows you great and mighty things, he shows you for the liberation and for the benefit of human beings.  What benefits people are physical things.  Human beings are 100% physical and 100% spiritual.  Spiritual problems benefit only you, while physical manifestation benefits all people.  It is physical that benefit the world, while spiritual things benefits only you.  Because God wants to manifest his works through that man.
There are three (3) types of works
 Spiritual work is 25%.  It is when you go to God and He whispers to you his plan when you study your bible, praying, fasting and worshiping God. All what you are doing at that moment is spiritual work.  Mental work:   it is the mental that brings the conversion, picture of what you have received from God through your spiritual work.  This mental work is 50%.  It is where the greatest work is being done. The mental work will bring the picture of what God sent.  It is when the mental work, the spiritual experience you have, becomes a picture on how it’s going to look like.  The picture of the framework.  Physical work:   it is 25%.  E,g:  when Joseph receive through spiritual works the dreams of his life, for the liberation of the entire world from famine, he converted it into reality.  He began to plan how to build a storage facility for storage, the materials needed for the storage.   The labourers he employed, etc is 25% while 75% of the work has been completed in the first and second stages of work.  Africa as a whole is looking for what has been produced, not what and how to produce or manufacture a thing.  Jesus saw that God’s work is to be manifested in that life, but his disciples were looking for what is the causes.  Stop complaining about people’s fault, give them solution.  Money is a reward of work.  There is difference between JOB and WORK  Job is what you do to sustain life, work is what you do to bless people and to fine fulfilment.  Work is a means through which God manifest himself to find fulfilment and to bless people.  Earth was created by God to be a duplicate of heaven.  In Jesus’ words in the prayer “Our father…………will be done here on earth as it is in heaven…”  Whatever cannot be found in heaven should not be found on earth.  Every time you go to God in prayer, God will show you his plans which ‘as in heaven’ from the earth.  Prayer time is to secure the mind of God for the earth per time.  And whatever God show you immediately go into work.  As soon as God showed Jesus about the man, he did not go to pray, rather he went into action.  When Jehoshaphat and his people sook God for three (3) day in fasting and prayer, they went into action.  If you don’t move with God’s idea, God will not move.
Ps. 19:2-  Moment by moment the works of God are speaking.  There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.  Healing the sick is the demonstration of God’s work.
 Our nation is waiting for the manifestation of God through you and I,  Out of 10 world inventors, you cannot find a single Christians amongst them.  Doors will be open unto you when men see what you can do.  Light is what you receive from god to be converted into tangible works.  The greatest battle is the battle for relevance.  You can be relevance when you are able to produce something.  If you don’t have a proof of your Christianity, you have not started yet.  If the people see the proof of what you have done, you have nothing to fear in life
Ex. 24:10-  Many today go the mountain, while Moses went to God on the mount.  You will come with something when you go to God, apart from going to God, you will have nothing to show.  God call me to himself so that he will give me something to give to his people.  Every congregation you attended is a mountain where you should contact something that will benefit the people of God.  Even if you have been wasting spiritual experience, God is still saying come again.  Many of us have the capacity to liberate the entire world, but we are not doing it.  Jesus said watch and pray  Jesus bless the children, empowered them to succeed.  God is looking for those who will take instruction and deliver them to the people as benefits.  What will the world say about you after you have departed from the earth.  You cannot speak in tongues without a tangible result.  Men who shook their world are not men of many activities.  Breakthrough means your break time is over  Preaching is the physical work of the preacher.
Acts 10:5-  Every person you meet on earth is for a purpose.  When you see a man coming towards you and your heart has condemned him, he cannot be a blessing to you.  He was seeing a picture of unclean things, but God was showing him the unclean people he wants to clean.  God always show us spiritual things through physical things.  This he does because we are in a physical world
Rom. 1:20
 These visible things talk to us every day.

Ps. 19:1-3  Innovation is the ability to see the invisible things from the visible  The ability to bring those invisible things to visible is known as Faith.  Everyday both the firmament and creation is speaking.  One word from the Lord can change your entire life.  Every vision from God blesses people.



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